All CHANNELLOCK® pliers, wrenches, snips and drivers are warranted for material and/or workmanship to the original owner.

CHANNELLOCK® tools are not warranted as a result of the following:

Normal Wear and Tear:

Teeth will be very rounded. Joint will wobble causing cutting edges to pass or nose tips to close improperly. Tips will be rounded. Cutting edges can wear out or be abused. When closed and held up to light, holes may be seen between the cutting edges.

Damage Resulting from Alterations or Tampering:

Re-filed or reground cutting edges. Drilled holes or welded surfaces. Both tips bent or broken. Hammer marks on head, joint, or handles.

Damage from Contact with Hot Wires:

Often leaves a copper residue or scorched appearance.

General Misuse:

Evidence of the tool not being used for its intended purpose(s).

Lack of Maintenance:

Evidence that the tool has not been properly stored or cared for throughout ownership.

Breakage From Abuse or Overload:

Pliers are deformed from improper use. Pry marks on the head or handles – evidence of a "cheater bar" being used.

Channellock will inspect and examine the tool in question to confirm whether the warranty applies. Channellock reserves the right to accept or reject any warranty claim. If you have a tool in question, please return the tool postage paid for inspection to:

Channellock, Inc.
1306 South Main Street
Meadville, PA 16335

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CHANNELLOCK® extension cords and power strips, flashlights, work lights, clamps, measuring tools, staple guns and staples, striking tools, ratchets, combo wrenches, socket sets, bit sockets, extensions and adapters, tool storage and accessories, wet/dry vacs and accessories, gloves, miter saw stands and work support stands.