From tightening nuts and bolts to cutting and stripping wire, conquer your toughest tasks with CHANNELLOCK® pliers. All of our legendary pliers are made for unrivalled strength, durability, and comfort. Find the right type of pliers for your next job below.

The Original
Tongue & Groove Pliers

Goes most anywhere. Does most anything. It’s the Special Forces of pliers.

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SpeedGrip™ Tongue & Groove Pliers

Combines our legendary strength with quick and easy adjustments.

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Linemen’s Pliers

Big and beefy, it’s the standard against which all other electrical pliers are measured.

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Cutting Pliers

Built to make quick work of wire and nails.

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Locking Pliers

Lock in a job well done.

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Long Nose Pliers

Perfect for those projects that require an extra measure of precision.

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