“If you're a plumber, you choose CHANNELLOCK®. Plain and simple.”

- Ryan Gomiela, Master Plumber

Ryan Gomiela's 442's

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V-jaw design

For more points of contact on round stock and tubing

Undercut tongue & groove design

Won't slip, reducing hand injury

Permalock® Fastener

Fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure

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Once authentic CHANNELLOCK® pliers leave our Meadville, PA plant, they get to work on projects all across the U.S. and the world. Building houses, fixing cars—if there’s work to be done, hardworking men and women everywhere trust CHANNELLOCK® pliers from start to finish. So, we wanted to meet a variety of tradesmen and hear their stories on how CHANNELLOCK® pliers help them get the job done. Because to us and tradesmen everywhere, it’s personal.

Meet Ryan Gomiela: Master Plumber and Co-Owner of Gomiela Plumbing Services, Melbourne, FL

Ryan's Must-Have Tools

442 12" v-jaw tongue & groove pliers

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420® 9.5" straight jaw tongue & groove pliers

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