Not the easiest way. But the right way.

American manufacturing becomes more and more scarce every day, but CHANNELLOCK® is proud to put Americans to work manufacturing authentic CHANNELLOCK® pliers. We employ over 350 associates who contribute to our local, state and national economy in Meadville, PA. Is it the easiest way? Probably not. But, American manufacturing is the right way.

Watch our short documentary, The Place. The Plant. The People., to see what we mean.

The Place. The Plant.  The People. Video - Play

Here's What Made in U.S.A. Looks Like

430 Tongue & Groove Pliers


10" Straight Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers

The iconic plier that started it all. Its no slip grip and tight bite turns, tightens and loosens without strain.


337 Cutting Pliers


7" XLT™ Diagonal Lap Joint Cutting Pliers

A cutting plier unlike any other. Its long lasting, laser heat-treated cutting edges slice through wire with ease.


442 V-Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers


12" V-Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers

A plier designed to grip round stock tightly until it's told to let go. Expect a stronger bite and more control.


American-Made Pliers for the Trades.

American tradesmen and women represent the hard-working spirit that CHANNELLOCK® was founded upon. They continue the tradition of working with their hands to support themselves and their families—we and our CHANNELLOCK® associates do the same making authentic CHANNELLOCK® pliers every day. So, we wanted to show tradespeople everywhere how we make authentic CHANNELLOCK® pliers and celebrate their hard work.

Watch The Gathering and see tradesmen and their families meet the people behind the legendary CHANNELLOCK® brand.

The Gathering Video - Play

Want to learn more about each of the tradesmen we met during our travels?

Watch the series

We're not the only ones.

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