337 Pliers

“I would tell any tradesman to use CHANNELLOCK®. They never fail me.”

- Ben Vaneperen, Automotive Specialist

337 Pliers

Ben Vaneperen's 337's

XLT™ Xtreme Leverage Technology

For considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage pliers.

Knife-and-Anvil Cutting Edge

Precision machined knife-and-anvil style cutting edges to ensure perfect mating.

High Carbon Steel

CHANNELLOCK® uses high carbon U.S. steel for superior performance on the job.

Channellock Logo

Once CHANNELLOCK® pliers leave our plant in Meadville, PA, they end up in the hands of hardworking tradesmen and women who get the job done day in and day out. We’ve heard from loyal CHANNELLOCK® fans in the past, but we wanted to meet a few of them across the U.S., hear their stories and celebrate the work they do. Why? Simple: to us and them, it’s more than work. It’s personal.

Meet Ben Vaneperen: Automotive Specialist and Owner of No Coast Custom and Rod Shop, Lincoln, NE

Ben's Must-Have Tools

337 7" XLT™ Diagonal Lap Joint Cutting Pliers

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358 8-inch XLT End

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317 8-inch Long Nose

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