Channellock, Inc. to Exhibit at Eisenwarenmesse International Hardware Fair in Cologne 

September 5, 2022

The iconic American hand tool company will showcase its products at the world’s largest hardware exhibition 

Cologne, Germany, September 5, 2022—Channellock, Inc. returns to the Eisenwarenmesse International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany on September 25-28. 

With around 2,800 exhibitors from more than 55 countries gathered in the heart of European commerce, Eisenwarenmesse International Hardware Fair is the largest hardware exhibition worldwide. Every two years, companies within the industry present their newest and best products, setting the stage for what will be the most anticipated products in the hardware sector. 

“We’re excited to return to Eisenwarenmesse this year,” said Ryan DeArment, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Channellock, Inc. “As the largest hardware exhibition in the world, Eisenwarenmesse is the perfect opportunity for us to share the CHANNELLOCK® brand with our international community.” 

The U.S. hand tool manufacturer will display well-known tools like its original Tongue & Groove Pliers, as well as newer innovations, including its SpeedGrip™ Tongue & Groove Pliers, 968 Forged Wire Stripper, and 10WCB 10" CODE BLUE® WIDEAZZ® Adjustable Wrench. 

SpeedGrip™ Tongue & Groove Pliers 

In 2019, CHANNELLOCK® introduced its new line of SpeedGrip™ Tongue & Groove Pliers, which combine the same legendary strength and durability of its original Tongue & Groove Pliers with a new push button that quickly locks into place for fast and easy adjustments. The laser heat-treated, cross-hatched teeth are made to stabilize, tighten and loosen pipes and nuts, while the CHANNELLOCK BLUE® non-slip grips provide ultimate control and comfort on the job. SpeedGrip™ Pliers are forged from 100% U.S. steel and made in Meadville, P.A. 

968 Forged Wire Stripper 

In 2020, CHANNELLOCK® released its 968 7.5" Forged Wire Stripper for stripping 10-20 AWG solid and stranded wire. Made with Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT™), the 968 requires considerably less force to cut than traditional high leverage designs, reducing hand fatigue. This wire stripper has screw shears that are precision-machined to prevent damage to threads when cutting 6-32 and 8-32 machine screws and a curved cutting shear designed to contain material during handling. The 968 also features a spring-loaded handle for easy, one-handed operation; CHANNELLOCK BLUE® Comfort Grips for all-day comfort; a lock for safe storage; and a reaming head to deburr, clean and flare up to 1" conduits. The CHANNELLOCK® 968 Forged Wire Stripper is forged from 100% U.S. steel and made in Meadville, P.A. 

10WCB 10" WIDEAZZ® Adjustable Wrench 

This year, CHANNELLOCK® plans to release its newest tool, the 10WCB 10" CODE BLUE® WIDEAZZ® Adjustable Wrench. The 10WCB combines the same legendary strength and durability of the original WIDEAZZ® Adjustable Wrenches, but with an extra-wide, two-inch jaw capacity to support larger nuts and bolts and thinner, non-protruding jaws for greater access in tight spaces. Like the 6WCB and 8WCB, the new 10WCB features a smart and comfortable tapered-handle design, a precise four-thread knurl for accurate adjustments, and a minimal head width for performing a variety of jobs. CHANNELLOCK® Adjustable Wrenches are made in Spain and forged from rugged chrome vanadium steel.