CHANNELLOCK® Launches 'It's Personal' Campaign Featuring Local Tradesman Ryan Gomiela

Ryan working

March 19, 2019

MELBOURNE, FLA. (MAR. 19, 2019) – Channellock, Inc., has launched the first installment of a video series celebrating tradesmen across America. Episode one of the CHANNELLOCK® It’s Personal series features Ryan Gomiela, co-owner of GPS Plumbing in Melbourne, Fla.

“It’s important to me that younger generations know that working as a tradesperson has value. It makes you feel good about what you’re doing,” said Gomiela. “You don’t have to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer to make a good living or be a valuable member of society. Physically building something and getting dirty has pride attached to it.”

Gomiela has owned GPS Plumbing with his father for over nine years. He credits his father for teaching him about hard work and dedication to the job.

The CHANNELLOCK® 2018 video series, The Place, The Plant, The People, featured the town of Meadville, Pa., home of the iconic CHANNELLOCK® brand. In this series, we learn about the Channellock, Inc., plant where CHANNELLOCK® tools are made and met four associates who spoke about their deep pride for their trades.

“After focusing on our company and associates in the first series, we wanted to spotlight the hardworking men and women who rely on our tools every day on the job," said Ryan DeArment, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Channellock, Inc. “That sparked the idea to travel the U.S., meeting a variety of tradesmen to hear their stories and celebrate the work they’re doing with their favorite CHANNELLOCK® tools.”

“While I might work with my hands, same as any other hardworking American,” said Gomiela, “I go home to my son at night, I look forward to my hobbies on the weekend and I do my best every day to service my customers by installing the best products with the best craftsmanship while using quality tools I am confident in.”

This first installment is now available on YouTube and the CHANNELLOCK® website at

“The world would stop without hardworking and highly skilled workers in America,” said Ged King CEO of SFW, the marketing agency who created the It’s Personal campaign and the documentary series, The Place, The Plant, The People. “From turning on your lights, brushing your teeth and driving to work, tradesmen play a major role in making all of these things possible. This series is dedicated to them.”

The series will end with a dinner celebrating all four featured tradesmen, hosted by Channellock at the company’s facility in Meadville, Pa.