American Grit Award

Todd and Roy

June 5, 2019

We are very excited to announce the winners of our “American Grit – Won’t Quit” Award for exceptional dedication, follow-through, extra effort, attitude and hard work. For our first quarter award, we had a two-way tie. Todd Fleet, Forge Shop, who has worked for Channellock for 32 years and Roy Leap, Polishing at Plant 2, who has worked for Channellock for just over 1 year, was presented with the award by Jon DeArment.

The American-Grit – Won’t Quit Award was implemented as a way to recognize those associates who really do go above and beyond their daily job duties.

There were 7 nominees for our first quarterly award. The other nominees were Steve Daly, Rob Clore, Logan Snodgrass, Ben Lipec and Greg Koehler.

Todd was nominated by his supervisor, Blaine Woods, who said, “Todd goes above and beyond to keep his cell running. This includes coming in early and staying over to assist other operators. He is positive and upbeat and never has a negative comment about his fellow associates, or Channellock.”

Roy was nominated by his supervisor, Dan Cochran, who said, “Roy is always positive, he keeps the Costa crew focused. He has done a tremendous job training new associates on the Costa and will continuously check in on them to make sure that bad parts do not move to the next operation. He’s always willing to do whatever is asked of him. He offers suggestions on ways to improve our methods and to solve issues.”