CHANNELLOCK®: made for trades

CHANNELLOCK® believes in trades and tradesmen — always have, always will. And since 1886, we’ve equipped skilled tradesmen with hardworking pliers. Previously, we premiered The Place. The Plant. The People.: a docuseries showing the town, the facility and the CHANNELLOCK® associates that come together in making authentic CHANNELLOCK® pliers.

We recently traveled across the U.S. to film the lives of four tradesmen who represent the hard-working spirit that CHANNELLOCK® was founded upon.

Each not only represents their trade, they also show what blue-collar America looks like today. Finally, we brought them to our hometown of Meadville, PA to show them what we’re up to and celebrate their work.

To us and them...

It's Personal

Ryan Gomiela: the family man

Master Plumber Ryan Gomiela trusts his CHANNELLOCK® pliers with every job, ensuring he and his father can pass down Gomiela Plumbing Services Inc. to the next generation.

Rocky Hyatt: the traveler

For 21 years, HVAC Specialist Rocky Hyatt has taken his CHANNELLOCK® pliers to job sites across 21 states and 333 cities.

Ben Vaneperen: the reviver

Car Builder Ben Vaneperen restores life in cars one project at a time with his CHANNELLOCK® pliers.

Colten Parks: the future

Electrical Apprentice Colten Parks learned the importance of quality tools when his grandfather passed down a collection of CHANNELLOCK®pliers.

The CHANNELLOCK® pliers tradesmen trust

442 12" v-jaw tongue & groove pliers
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420® 9.5” straight jaw tongue & groove pliers
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E318 8" XLT™ long nose pliers with cutter
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